Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations

Governance, Agreements and Audit

LLQP Governance
The LLQP Governance Committee is dedicated to receiving and considering stakeholder feedback regarding the LLQP. This document illustrates the governance structure and then details the process through which LLQP-related suggestions, comments and complaints submitted by individual candidates, course providers and insurance companies are addressed.

At all times, stakeholder feedback regarding the LLQP may be directed to From there, it will be dispatched to the appropriate resource.

LLQP Stakeholder Engagement Committee

CISRO Agreements for LLQP

Audit Reports
2017 - An analysis by Yardstick Testing and Training Experts concluded that all LLQP modules consists of strong multiple-choice questions of reasonable difficulty, with good ability to differentiate high- from low-scoring examinees.

2016 - CISRO mandated Yardstick Testing and Training Experts to conduct a psychometric audit of the LLQP Exam. This consisted of an evaluation of the exam against testing standards to determine how well it achieved ts objective of identifying competent entry-level life insurance agents. After publication of the report, stakeholder comments were received and Yardstick produced an amended report.

The results of this exercise confirmed that many of the processes followed to develop the exam align with best practices, and also served to identify opportunities for further improvement.

Transitional Exam Validity Control Mechanisms (August 2014) - mechanisms implemented at the introduction of the Harmonized LLQP