Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations

Course Providers

List of Nationally-Approved Course Providers

To ensure a Course Provider is approved in a specific province or territory, please contact the regulator that licenses intermediaries in that jurisdiction.

Information for Course Providers
The Harmonized LLQP exam is an open-book exam. During exam sessions, candidates have access to the standardized exam preparation material on an electronic tablet. The following documents outlines the tablet features that candidates may wish to use to complete their exam. Course Providers should consider including these guides as part of their training material to ensure their students will be adequately prepared for the Harmonized LLQP exam.

For Course Providers wishing to certify candidates using questions similar to those that will be integrated in the LLQP exam, CISRO has supplied the exam question drafting and review guidelines that are used by its subject matter experts to develop the LLQP exam questions.

Course Provider Accreditation
Organizations must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for national accreditation as an LLQP course provider:

Eligible organizations must submit their accreditation request using the following form.

Submissions are taken on an on-going basis. Submissions must include all required documentation to demonstrate that the proposed training program covers the full scope of the LLQP Curriculum.

Once Course Providers have obtained their national recommendation, they will be invited to sign the following agreement with the Autorité des marchés financiers, service provider for the LLQP. This will entitle them to a obtain a copy of the standardized exam preparation material and develop their derivative works, if applicable.

The final step of the accreditation process requires the Course Provider to obtain an authorization from each jurisdiction in which it wishes to offer its training program.